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Pricerazzi searches over a 1000 stores to make sure you paid the lowest price.

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Pricerazzi searches thousands of online retailers as well as in-store merchants to ensure you pay the best possible price. Here’s a list of some of the most popular:

What people are saying about us

  • Purchased a new Pax Closet System from IKEA, we submitted our receipt to Pricerazzi and got over $190.00 back.

    – Colleen O.
  • We bought our Christmas presents from Toys ''R'' Us and spent over $300 total. We submitted all of our receipts got $30 back – thank you.

    – Dennis J.
  • After purchasing a new dishwasher for our kitchen. Pricerazzi confirmed that I got the best and lowest possible price

    – Jason S.
  • Purchased a Furby at Toys "R" Us. A few days later Furby went on sale at Walmart! We were able to get back over $50!

    – Andrea B.
  • Since signing up with Pricerazzi they have gotten my back over $3000.00 back – We love you Pricerazzi

    – Carol H.

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